Relationship Therapy for Couples

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges” – Sir Isaac Newton

The realisation that a relationship needs outside help can be a difficult obstacle to process in its own right.  It takes real courage to raise our hands and admit that the connection we had, now feels broken, damaged or a shadow of what we once enjoyed.

Relationship therapy can be an effective way of creating a space where you can both feel heard, seen and listened to. In therapy, you will be invited to explore challenging aspects of your relationship and consider new ways to help you navigate through difficult or complex areas of your relationship.

The ultimate goal of therapy is not always to keep a couple together in their relationship no matter what.  Sometimes for a myriad of reasons, it is a sad truth that a relationship will end. However, in these cases therapy can provide a dynamic space where lines of communication are kept open and can be instrumental in helping the relationship reach a satisfactory conclusion and to ultimately ‘end well’.   

In therapy an environment is cultivated which does not focus on blame, criticizing or reacting negatively towards each other, but instead encourages a space where misunderstandings can be explored, conflict can be reduced and empathy, understanding a sense of re-connection can grow.