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Wednesday 26th September 2018   

When clients begin therapy with me, I always suggest that they start to keep a journal so that they can begin to record their thoughts and feelings.  It serves as an archive of their progress through their journey towards self-awareness but it can also be a useful tool for helping them to gain more insight into a problem, thought or feeling.

In this Blog, I intend to record my own thoughts and musings and just maybe some of the things I share may be useful or helpful in some way to others – (or not! – either way is fine).  I’ve always found writing therapeutic – it provides a space for a different way of processing words and sentences.  When we speak, we can throw words away without thinking, yet when writing, the pace is sometimes slower and this can provide ‘head-room’ to be more articulate and creative – to under-pin what we want to communicate with real meaning.

I didn’t know until recently that Blog actually means Big Load of Gossip… mine is a big load of something – no matter – the point is, I’m going to enjoy writing it.

Bye for now

Happy Wednesday

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